Apiary Consultation


Package Install

Are you nervous to install your first package? While we know you have watched our HOW TO VIDEO, and we have full confidence in your success, we understand some people just want some help the first time. We offer on site Apiary services for $45 dollars per hour. Please contact our office to schedule your apiary visit. 931-670-6862

On Site Consultation

We all have been there, you are in the apiary and you just don't know what you are looking at or what to do next. We offer full on site apiary services for $45 per hour. Our trained beekeepers will come and assist you in your apiary. Please call our office to schedule your apiary visit 931-670-6862

Full Apiary Management

Would you like to get into beekeeping but just not sure if you have the time? Our beekeepers are available to maintain your apiary for you. We have a long list of references and we would be happy to discus your needs by phone. Please call our office to learn more 931-670-6862


If you find yourself in a non life threatening apiary emergency, our beekeepers are available 7 days a week. Our standard rate is $45 per hour but we do have additional charges for late night and weekend emergencies. Please call our office and we will be happy to help. After hours please leave a message and we will call you back asap 931-670-6862