Treatment and Supplements

Tea Tree Oil

treatments oil tea
  • A natural fungicide with antibacterial properties.
  • It boosts the immune system.
  • Beneficial when used in spring stimulant.
  • Beneficial in the control of Nosema.

Price $9.00

Lemon Grass Oil

treatments oil L
  • Acts as an antimicrobial and fungicide. 
  • Becomes a stimulant for the queen to start laying in the spring when added to sugar water.

Price $9:00

Spearmint Oil

treatments oil sp
  • Frequently used as a disinfectant.
  • Used as a stimulant in the spring.


Wintergreen Oil

treatments oil Win
  • Is a very effective treatment for controlling Varroa mites.
  • Known for its antiseptic qualities.
  • CAUTION: Do not use if pregnant.  Do not allow to touch your skin.

Price $9.00

Eucalyptus Oil

treatments oil eu
  • Aids in the control of Small Hive Beetles. 
  • Also an antiseptic
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory

Price $7.00

Thyme Oil

treatments oil tyme
  • Used in the control of Varroa mites.

Price $12.50

Diatomaceous Earth

treatments DE
  • Can be used in traps and on the ground to control Small Hive Beetles

Price 5 Lbs. $12.50     

        50 Lbs. $49.00


treatments oil dropper
  • Fits 1 oz. bottles

Price $1.00

See Natural Treatments page for applications.

Caution:  When working with all oils and substances use caution in the handling of them since they can be eye, skin or lung irritants to some people.

Do not use Winter Green Oil if pregnant.

Honey B Healthy

treatments hbh pint
  • This feeding stimulant contains 100% pure essential oils and is used in spring and winter to stimulate the immune system.
  • Prevents mold and fungus in sugar syrups.
  • Calms bees when used as a spray
  • Builds colonies when fed during a dearth of nectar and more.
  • Just add a teaspoon of this concentrate to sugar syrup feedings.
  • Contains Spearmint and Lemongrass oil.
  • NON GMO Lecithin

Price   $27.00 for 16oz. (makes 24 gallons of feeding solution)



Amino-B Booster

treatments hbh am boster pint

Provides all necessary amino acids for healthy nurse bees and production of high quality bee milk and royal jelly for queen production. Also effective in helping reduce “protein stress”. Pollen stress occurs when there is a limited amount available or the quality of pollen is low. Contains 20 amino acids vital for bee health. Fed in conjunction with Honey-B-Healthy.


Price $26.95 for 16oz.


Vitamin B Healthy


A feeding stimulate that will help your hives thrive.  Use in syrups, pollen patties or along with Honey-B-Healthy and Amino-B-Booster, which enhances its attractiveness to bees and prevents fermentation.  Provides the needed nutrients vital to the honey bee.  Helps build strong colonies or can be used to build up a weak colony to strengthen honey production and pollenation.

Price 25.00 for 16oz.


treatments bee dun
  • Bee Dun is a non-toxic safe mixture of herbs and essential oils that won’t harm your bees or beehive.
  • Plus there is no foul smell or residue.
  • Use it with your fume board to run the bees out of your supers before harvesting

Price $15.00









AP23 Dri Pollen Substitute


AP23 stands for artificial pollen and is the 23rd formulation to be developed and tested to date. It is formulated to deliver all of the nutrient levels, in a highly palatable blend of specifically selected ingredients. It is a high protein feed developed for all levels of beekeepers. It helps maintain colony strength by boosting populations, which result in better crop pollination and honey crops. When mixing dry AP23 into patties we recommend adding 1lb of dry table sugar per 1lb of AP23. After mixing the two dry ingredients one should add enough sugar water so that the product mixes to a cookie dough consistency. Adding additional dry table sugar will help increase consumption of this product as it has a very high protein content. 

1 Lb. Bag $8.95

5 Lb. Bag $22.95

AP23 Winter Patties


AP23 Winter Patties are a high carbohydrate feed for honeybee colonies light on stores during the winter months. Contains Sugar, AP23, and Honey-B-Healthy.

  • Can be used in winter and early spring in place of Candy Boards.
  • Readily accepted by the bees.
  • Convenient for all beekeepers.
  • $2.50 Each