Nuc Equipment

Screen Bottom Board

nuk screen bb

We also offer Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Screened Bottom Boards with a white corrugated sheet.

These will help to monitor mite fall, aid bees to raise more brood, reduce the varroa mite levels, and provide better ventilation and wintering.

Price $20.00 (Solid Nuc Bottom Board $10.75)

Nuc Entrance Reducer

nuk ent red.

When colonies are weak or being fed, the entrance must be reduced.

Our reducer has two different sized openings that can be used throughout the season for different applications.

Over the winter, the reducer should be placed so that the opening is on top of the stick and not next to the bottom board.

Price $1.00

5 Frame Standard Medium Nuc Body

nuk med

Our 5-frame Standard Medium Nuc body holds 5-6 1/4″ frames (not included).

Price $10.95

5 Frame Standard Deep Nuc Body

nuk deep

Our 5-frame Standard Deep Nuc body holds 5-9 1/8″ frames (not included).

Price $13.50

Nuc Inner Cover

nuk innercover

The Inner Cover is made with 1/4″ plywood which is glued and nailed into a rabbet in the rim.

A hole is cut in the center to enable you to use a bee escape.

A dado is cut in the top rim for better ventilation as well as an upper entrance for your bees.

Price $8.00

Nuc Hive Top Feeder


Feeders can drown bees!

Our Hive Top Feeder is designed to virtually eliminate drowning.

We use wire mesh which encapsulates your bees. It installs directly on top of your stack thus helping to prevent robbing. 
It has a solid wood bottom which eliminates condensation that would otherwise drip on your bees and freeze them during the winter. 
It has only one entrance to the feed which cuts down on cross drafts in the hive, keeping the bees warmer and conserving stores. 

The pan is a standard size and can easily be replaced if needed.

 Simply remove the two screws in the feeder screen and four staples in the rim of the pan.

Price $23.00

Nuc Outer Cover

nuk outer

Our Telescoping Outer Cover is constructed to withstand the hardest weather.

We cut out a rabbet around the top rim, then glue and nail 3/8″ plywood into the rabbet.

We cover our tops with galvalume and fold corners to ensure waterproofing.

Price $12.50 (Migratory Nuc Cover $9.00)

Complete Medium Nuc

nuk complet med

Our 5-Frame Standard Medium Nuc holds 5-6 1/4″ frames (not included)

Complete Medium Nuc Includes:

  • 5 frame NUC Body
  • Telescoping Top
  • Solid Bottom Board
  • Entrance Reducer

Price $36.00

Complete Deep Nuc

nuk complet deep

Our 5 Frame Standard Deep Nuc holds 5-9 1/8″ frames (not included)

Complete Deep Nuc Includes:

  • 5 frame NUC Body
  • Telescoping Top
  • Soild Bottom Board
  • Entrance Reducer.

Price $39.00

All Equipment comes Assembled, Sanded and Ready to Paint!