Gifts for your beekeeping friends

Bas Mini Smoker Pix
Mini Smoker
This mini smoker is perfect for a young beekeeper in training! Works just like your smoker, but sized smaller for young beekeepers. Great for giving your little helper a job in the bee yard.
Price. $14.95


smoker keychain

Smoker Keychain
This 2” tall novelty smoker keychain would make a perfect gift for that special beekeeper in your life. It would also go great in your own pocket or purse. Not only does it make a statement but it has a bright LED light as a bonus.

price $5.00
honey dispenser

Honey Dispenser
A diner-style “pourer and storer” perfect for a fluffy stack of pancakes or a steaming cup of afternoon tea! Drizzle down a golden stream of Vermont maple syrup or local honey and never waste or wait for a single drop again. Simply fill the base with warm water and set the pitcher on top. Now your honey and syrup will flow freely. Just slide open the chrome-plated plastic top and pour to your heart’s content. Slide it back for a sure-seal that’ll help keep syrup and honey fresh.

  • Tear-drop-shaped glass syrup dispenser
  • Glass base and chrome-plated plastic top and handle
  • Durable restaurant-quality construction
  • 8-ounce capacity; stands about 6″ tall
  • Hand wash for best results
  • Not for stove top or microwave use
Price $16.50